Served without rice.

E1. NAM SOD ( Ground Chicken OR Ground Pork )_____________$11.95
Mixed with chilies, peanuts, ginger, lime juice, red onions and scallions.

E2. LAAB ( Ground Chicken OR Ground Pork )_________________ $11.95
____________________________( Ground Beef )__________________$12.95
With red onions, scallions, lime juice and cilantro.

E3. PRIK KING ( Chicken OR Pork )___________________________$11.95
__________________________( Beef )___________________________ $12.95
Sauteed in red curry sauce with string beans, lemongrass and peppers.

E4. BEEF RANDANG________________________________________$12.95
Sliced sautéed beef, peppers, green peas and carrots in a tasty
Indonesian curry sauce with coconut milk. Flavored with coconut flakes.

E5. ORANGE BEEF_________________________________________ $12.95
Sliced beef with steamed broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, oranges
and fresh orange peel in our tasty sauce.

E6. CHICKEN MANGO CURRY______________________________$12.95
Sliced of chicken breast with sweet mango chunks, onions,
summer squash, carrots and peppers in coconut milk and a
special yellow curry sauce.

E7. TAMARIND DUCK______________________________________ $15.50
Roasted half duck with baby corn and carrots in a tamarind sauce.

E8. PANANG CRISPY DUCK_________________________________ $15.50
Boneless crispy half duck in panang curry sauce and coconut milk
with lemon leaves and basil leaves. Served on a bed of broccoli,
carrots and string beans.

E9. BANGKOK DUCK_______________________________________ $15.50
Crispy boneless duck served with broccoli and a black sweet sauce.