P1. KA-PRAO ( Ground Chicken OR Pork )________________________________ $8.65
_____________( Ground Beef OR Seafood )________________________________ $9.35

Thai style “hot basil” with your choice of meat.

P2. PRIK KING ( Chicken, Pork OR Tofu )________________________________ $8.65
___________________( Beef OR Seafood )________________________________ $9.35

Sautéed string beans and peppers in a red curry sauce.

P3. KAO MOO DANG________________________________________$10.23
Roast pork, crispy pork and Chinese pork sausage with
boiled egg, cucumbers, cilantro and sweet sauce

P4. GRA TIAM (Chicken OR Pork )______________________________________ $8.65
________________________( Beef )______________________________________ $9.35

Thai style “garlic sauce” with scallions.

P5. CHINESE BROCCOLI ( Chicken OR Pork )____________________________ $8.65
__________________________________( Beef )____________________________ $9.35

Sautéed in brown sauce.

P6. KAO NAH PED__________________________________________$10.23
Roast duck, steamed Chinese broccoli, cilantro and
boiled egg with a black sweet sauce.

P7. PAD PARADISE__________________________________________ $9.35
Shrimp, chicken, snow peas, string beans, onions,
cashew nuts and peppers with a roasted chili sauce.

P8. KAO NAH KAI___________________________________________ $8.65
Chicken sautéed with carrots, onions, bamboo shoots,
green peas, mushrooms and scallions.